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Why didn’t my lilacs bloom last year?

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A common question.

And the quick answer – because they were pruned too late in the season last year.

The new buds that produce those glorious spring displays start to form shortly after bloom time is complete in the spring. So if you start pruning mid-summer or fall,  next spring’s bounty will be cut away.

Clip off the spent flower bundles as soon as they are finished early spring and do any additional pruning the plant requires at that time. Cut back any dead, unhealthy wood and remove any suckers or sprouts at ground level.

Then sit back and wait for next spring’s show of colour!


Author: gardenchatter

I'm a Horticulturalist, Master Gardener and member of the Garden Writers Association who enjoys playing in the dirt and experimenting with different veggies, plants and flowers in my Zone 5 garden. Check out my website With a recent addition of a greenhouse, my newest passion is growing-your-own. And what fun that is. Yes, there's the odd failure, but there's nothing quite as satisfying as walking through the veggie patch collecting dinner.

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